not bad considering we just sit around in our armchairs, drinking tea or coffee,
we have some excellent videos of the best lanes that we have done,
which are on the site in the videos section,
this club is a family oriented club for all makes of 4x4 vehicles,
if you are interested in joining a local friendly club,
that doesnt take life to seriously and whose main aim is to have fun,
then please sign up,
we cannot garauntee you wont scratch or dent your vehicles,
but at least you will have a laugh along the way.

often imitated never bettered

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a plymouth based club for local people

Please feel free to join the club, all new members will have to attend 1 day out with us before there account is approved, any non active members will be deleted after 90 days, it is a family site for young and old, no bad language or slagging each other off, please leave any differences of opinion off the public site, many thanks for your co-operation.





if you dont like the site please dont use it

Firstly you will need a sense of humour, if you havent got one DONT JOIN,
if you cant take the mick out of yourself you won't fit in, we are a local bunch of guys and gals who are always up for a laugh,
who also love the 4x4 scene and all it has to offer,
we do like to travel to various areas,
we also make our own offroading videos,
we just take the mick out of each other really,
we came up with the name purely by chance,
as a few friends called us armchair laners,
because we apparently don't go out or take part in any offroading,

check out our days out & reviews section